Rituals, Empowerment

& Powerful Vibrational Remedies

 Hoodoo, VoOdoO,

Santeria & Palo Mayombe

We specialize in:

Kemetic Magic 

& Spirituality






We are SERPENT & THE CRYSTAL, an online occult store dedicated to bringing you the best and rare products that may assist you in walking and living your Occult spiritual path.


We will bring you products that vary from Eastern Mysticism to Voodoo. We strongly advocate self-development and self-empowerment. Through our 30 years of experience and walking many different paths we seek to help you further yourself.



“While I can I want to give a true shot out and appreciation for what you do in your teaching and sharing knowledge and experience. At this time I'm about 4 years into consciousness spirituality and occult knowledge, and about 2 years really doing the work.” 

—  Jeremy Richard


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If you have questions about online purchases, feel free to email or call us anytime, or you can fill in the form below to send us your inquiry.

SerpentCrystals, LLC  

3814 Laguna Street, 

Orlando, FL 32805

Phone  (407) 820-2348 

Email  serpentandthecrystal@outlook.com


SerpentCrystals, LLC  3814 Laguna Street, Orlando, FL 32805

Phone (407) 820-2348   |    Email serpentandthecrystal@outlook.com

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